Social Media & NYFW

It’s every fashion bloggers dream.. New York Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2015 is in full swing and it has to be my favorite show of the year; one word: coats. While it is one of my dreams to attend a fashion week, for now I will drool over next seasons designs while browsing Twitter, Instagram and my favorite blogs. But I got to wondering, how many people are just like me? How many people follow NYFW so close on social media and how does this affect the designers? Which upcoming trends are trending? Celebrity designers such as Kanye West and Victoria Beckham are huge on Twitter, for obvious reasons. Kanye has Kardashians’ walking the runway and Beyonce in the front row; Victoria has her super attractive husband and her super cute kids. Without a doubt, celebrities really have an added appeal when it comes to looking at fashion on social media. Sorry, Chanel, you don’t have Kim K wearing a pantyhose based outfit.


For more on Victoria Beckham’s show:


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