Fashion Shows as Tech Events

The runway has always been about creating a spectacle and pushing the cutting edge, but today more than ever before, designers and production companies are utilizing technology to elevate events to new heights. From models coming down the runways appearing submerged in pools of water thanks to holographic projections, to viewing the action remotely in 360-degree panorama, fashion shows are as much a technological extravaganza as they are a forum to unveil the latest creations out of New York, London, Paris, and Milan.

That’s not even mentioning what’s going on behind the scenes and in the crowd. Bloggers and retailers broadcast live from events, and guests plug into social media to voice their impressions and influence purchasing decisions of buyers and shoppers in real-time around the world.

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One thought on “Fashion Shows as Tech Events

  1. emecorah says:

    With designers becoming more and more advanced with technology it seems like the fashion world and technology world is coming together and I cannot wait to see what it will bring in the future.


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