Online Interaction

My Online Experiences: 

Although I am an active ‘stalker’ on social media, by looking at other people’s posts and looking at statuses from like 5 years ago….. but when it comes to my own account I am fairly inactive. I hardly ever post on any kind of social media and I very rarely comment or like anyone else’s. No one has ever said anything mean to be on the Internet and I have never said anything rude or mean to anyone else. I, personally, have had nothing but good experiences online. I have, however, seen mean things commented on other people’s posts or on photos. I’ve noticed the worst things are said anonymously… which is not surprising. Anonymous bullies on the internet are cowardly and immature… if you hide behind a computer screen, you need serious psychological help.

My Rubric:

1 2 3
Manners Not being compassionate to others feelings, and sharing your opinion even if it’s rude, mean or uncalled for. Negativity and swearing are often used. Not being overly rude or overly positive. Neutral towards others feelings. Goes out of way to be kind and give compliments all the time.
Communication Spam, obnoxious behavior, deliberately being stupid on the internet (people I would block immediately) Not really communicate, not being rude or kind. Helping solve online fights and consoling hurt feelings.
Use of media Ignore others rights to privacy, puts photos up of people without their consent etc. Occasionally posts unwanted photos without tagging the person, or just posts assuming it is ok. Only posts what has been approved by others and respects everyone’s wishes.

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